The Invitation

Ours is a time of great upheaval and transformation. No getting around it. Overlapping extreme social, political and environmental crisis are destabilizing us all at a rapid pace. Our attention is being pulled in a million and one directions at any given moment. And our hearts are responding to very real sense that our common humanity is under assault.

We can feel like there is not enough time, space or holding.

Enter The Sacred Rest Stop.

Here is a physical place for our bodies and minds to find compassionate and still places to land. An inclusive community meeting space where all curious and sincere-hearted people can:

  • Visit us in East Austin. Stop. Unplug. Realign the nervous system within the magic and beauty of our community sanctuary + agricultural grounds. Make friends with stillness during our public visiting hours.
  • Sign up for one of our upcoming contemplative + wellness oriented classes, creative gatherings, and informal community get-togethers.
  • Romp around and hang out at our children’s garden and playscape.
  • Host/ess your own gathering. Our sanctuary, classroom and outdoor fireplace area will be available for reasonable rent. Sliding scale for social justice organizations, artists, and wellness practitioners.
  • Join our newsletter! Coming Soon.
  • Be welcomed just as you are. We actively foster cross-race, cross-class, intergenerational and cross-faith (or no faith) connections.

It is our highest intention that we are respectful, inclusive and loving to all. We strive to create and maintain equity. We are committed to keeping this space as free as possible from the distortions of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamaphobia, ageism, ableism and other related societal ills.

From Spirit (as you name it)

Dear One-

There is a place within you that knows who you are. You are made of the light of the stars, the minerals of the mountains and the salt of the oceans. You belong here. You needn’t worry. 

Find stillness with me. Slow yourself down and listen. I’ll be there. I speak in silence, you needn’t fear. I am here to be found. I am the body of the Earth Herself. There is nothing and no one outside of me. 

I invite you to remember. 

I invite you to come and relax from that which keeps you away. No one is of any greater or lesser stature. No one is outside of Her care. 

Let this wash ourselves and our world anew.