Can I use the space for my own events?

Yes! We provide short-term rental space (w/sliding scale options) for classes, trainings and community gatherings. Contact us with further questions at [email protected].

What does sacred mean here?

For us, the word sacred stands for the mystical domain of Spirit. It is the subtle yet omnipresent presence of Love – unifying, gracious, mysterious and vital. It is perpetually in a state of consecration. No one and no thing is outside of this Eternal domain.

Is this a cult?

No! This is not a cult. No guru, religion or spiritual system is foundational. The Sacred Rest Stop is a non-profit organization.

Are infants and children welcome?

Yes! We are currently designing indoor and outdoor spaces for infants and children. Breastfeeding/pumping spaces, changing tables with wipes and soft places to land for the tantrum throwers will be provided.

Family friendly programs and events will be clearly labeled as such.